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Demystifying Networking

Networking isn’t just about building up resources which you can utilize for your own benefit. Networking is NOT a zero-sum game!

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting by Marcia Ballinger and Nathan A. Perez

  • Networking isn’t just about schmoozing. In fact, coming off more social-minded versus professional may damage the professional connection you are trying to build.
  • Networking isn’t about immediate gratification. Networking is about playing the long-game. Instead, think of networking as an investment in relationships that pay dividends back and forth over time.
  • Always ask how you can help the person which you are networking with. Incorporate this in your agenda as one of your last discussion points. This will help you leave a solid final impression.

Link to HBR Article by  Heidi_Roizen

Harvard Business Review, Networking Doesn’t Have to Be Self-Serving by Rosabeth Moss Kanter

  • Help others solve their problems before pushing your own. Build your reputation as a trusted advisor by serving as someone who could be counted on to contribute without seeking credit.

Networking Doesnt Have To Be Self Serving

Harvard Business Review, Learn to Love Networking

  • Your mindset in approaching networking plays a big role in what you get out of it. Promotion-focused people network because they want to and approach the activity with an open-mind, curiosity, and excitement – you never know what might come of it. Prevention-focused people network because they feel like they have to. They often do not approach with a positive attitude, and it shows in the quality of relationships which they are able to build.

Learn To Love Networking