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Creative Networking

Networking isn’t always about LinkedIn Connections and Happy Hours. There are many ways to creatively network, which are especially relevant in today’s COVID-19 restricted environment.

Harvard Business Review, How to Create Your Own Career Luck by Christian Busch

  • When chatting with someone whom you are interested in developing a stronger relationship with.. set hooks.
    • Use memorable or engaging talking points.
      • Instead of simply stating that you are in similar field and interested in connecting. Find a way to incorporate additional points which the recipient may latch onto (e.g., education, training, podcasts, running, etc.).
    • Ask questions differently.
      • Instead of, “What do you do?” try “What is your state of mind?” or “What’s keeping you busy outside of the normal day to day responsibilities at work?”
  • Email people whom you are interested in connecting with. Approach it as if you do not expect a response. Low-risk strategy to expand your network.

How To Create Your Own Career Luck

Harvard Business School, Heidi Roizen 

  • Who says throwing personal dinner parties and dancing to Usher isn’t networking? Invite people you like on both a personal and professional basis. If inviting many people, where possible, ensure that those whom are invited know at least one or two other folks at the party.

Link to HBR Article by Heidi_Roizen