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Benefits of Networking


Networking isn’t just about finding a job now or in the future. Building relationships via networking can also help you build personal friendships, assist in driving forward success of a cross-functional project, or help you stimulate creative ideas.

Harvard Business Review, How Leaders Create and Use Networks

  • Operational networks help you get work done efficiently. This most commonly is developed with internal team members among your own organization which can help you achieve project success.
  • Personal networks can be built through book clubs, intramural sports, religious gatherings, neighbors, among many others! Personal network connections may help coach you through tough situations or connect you with important contacts in your industry.
  • Strategic networks are those connections that may help you get an understanding of various business groups within your organization or help you garner the recognition needed to achieve your next job promotion.

Link to How Leaders Create and Use Networks

Harvard Business School, Heidi Roizen 

  • Developing personal relationships is networking! As referenced in the Heidi Roizen case, becoming friendly with your neighbors, or acquaintances at kids’ activities, etc. may eventually result in professional opportunities – e.g., the board of your neighbors’ company!

Link to HBR Article by Heidi_Roizen