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High-Performing Hybrid Teams 2022


Endless books and studies have been written about how to create high performance teams.  The majority of these resources focus teams in the same space.  However, over the past decade and a half, hybrid teams have gotten more attention. COVID 19, where the majority of knowledge workers were sent to work from home, truly brought this topic into light. 

Even though the worst of COVID 19 is behind us, the flexibility and convenience of working from home isn’t going away.  Leaders, managers, and team members are all grappling with what the right options are to create a high-performance hybrid team. 

In this presentation, we will discuss what a traditional team looks like, how they function and what defines success.  From there, we will begin to contrast the complexities that hybrid teams introduce, how to set expectations, build trust, drive motivation, and utilize technology to be successful.  Ultimately, there is no silver bullet for this ever-evolving space.  However, we hope to share some strategies and tactics our classmates can use immediately with their teams to create high-performance hybrid teams.