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Bringing Silence to a Noisier world!

Silence has been a practice and tool that has been used throughout history. Researchers have observed increases in our adrenaline and cortisol in a much noisier world, resulting in high-stress levels. According to a 2006 report in the European Heart Journal, silence can relieve tension in just two minutes. Yet many of us find silence makes people uncomfortable. Consequently, silence can be both a sword to attack and a shield to defend oneself. Silence impacts group dynamics and can be useful in presentations. Ultimately, silence can be a powerful tool in business and business communication.


The collection of references below are meant to inspire you to be more introspective and educate you on bringing silence into your personal and business life. We have provided six resources for you to reference: online articles, books, ted talks, and getAbstract summaries. You can use these resources to help you grow as a leader and support other members of your organization or team.