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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Silence

HBR article from Vijay Eswaran, the best-selling author and entrepreneur. In this article, Eswaran introduces a practice called the Sphere of Silence, which is a 60-minute routine that is meant to help leaders stay grounded, focused, and optimistic in the face of immense stress. The routine or practice has one critical rule, to be completely silent as you go through the steps. In the initial half-hour, the routine is broken down into three 10-minute intervals. For the first 10 minutes, write your short, medium, and long-term goals. In the next 10 minutes, evaluate and assess the previous day’s goals. Use the remaining 10 minutes of the initial half-hour to consider any unmet goals and evaluate the reasons or impediments for not accomplishing them. The objective of these last 10 minutes is to provoke you to concentrate on moving forward. In the following 20 minutes, dedicate your time reading a book on something informative and enriching for your mind. Utilize the first 10 minutes of the 20 minutes to read a chapter of your book. Then spend the second 10 minutes summarizing what you read in a physical journal to synthesize and retain the information. For the final 10 minutes in the 60-minute routine, spend the time self-reflecting and meditating on your life, training yourself to find calm in times of stress.

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