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Science of Work EQ Test

https://www.fastcompany.com/40434451/this-emotional-intelligence-test-was-so-accurate-it-was-creepy EQ has been around for many years already and we have probably all take a quiz or answered some questions related to topics surrounding EQ.  “The more technology reshapes (and in some quarters, automates) the workforce, the more valuable human-only skills seem to become.” A few things to remember is that it’s about balance, having some low scores isn’t necessarily bad and having some really high scores isn’t fundamentally good, it’s all about how they work together.  Different EQ mixes can be better suited for different types of jobs. Short of taking the quizzes online, Simply knowing where your strengths and opportunities fall related to a few keep categories can help adjust the way you work, when to ask for some help or feedback and when to step in with more input. 1) Empathy: “Do I really listen to people when they talk about their issues, or do I just try to give them a solution? Do people tend to confide in me?” 2) Emotional self-awareness: “When my body gives me physical signals that something is wrong, do I pay attention to it and sense what’s going on?” 3) Self-actualization: “Am I doing the things in life that I really feel passionate about—at home, at work, socially?” 4) Impulse control: “Do I respond to people before they finish telling me something?” 5) Interpersonal relationships: “Do I enjoy socializing with people, or does it feel like work?”