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Dr. Goleman’s TedTalk

DR. Daniel Goleman Article Link Social Neuroscience is brand new research on how the physical interaction between two people has a wifi-like effect of neurons that excite each other’s brain activity when speaking together, especially when two people are genuinely actively listening .  What was found though is that  self focus is a subtle difference between giving or helping in order to release neurons that gives you personal joy.   The new word in psychiatry is getting “pizzled”:  which means being puzzled while pissed off when someone focuses on their device vs. e conversation with you.  The scariest part of EQ is that there is no correlation between IQ and EQ.  Highest IQs rarely have a high EQ because they have the ability to turn off that part of the brain that would give them empathy or restraint.  What is the hardest part of today’s world is that ultimately everyone will know everything, but will it make a difference?  The hope and goal is that all it takes is the simple act of one person acknowledging the help of another to excite those neurons in more people to make a difference. https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_goleman_on_compassion/transcript#t-435065