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Qualities good leaders/executives have that excel at Work Life Balance


Organization/Delegation Skills are critical along with proper time management and tools to be effective:

  1. Track Your Time
  2. Determine Your Priorities
  3. Delegate effectively
  4. Schedule Scrupulously
  5. Establish Boundaries
  6. Take Care of your health & exercise
  7. Bake in time for pause, rest and reflection
  8. Nurture family relationships and don’t compromise family time
  9. Don’t wait to ask for help
  10. Introduce family to work friends
  11. Have set departure time

Bottom line: if your team, business and company doesn’t encourage a balanced culture, it will be hard to attain that for self but can still be implemented within your team.

Source: Interview with VP of Corporate Strategy and Dr. Director of Quality Systems at Medtronic 

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