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Leadership Resources from the Carlson Executive MBA Program

Introduction: Outsider Leadership

An outsider in an organization can take many forms. From outside the organization, from the industry, from the culture. Understanding how to identify who can represent the outsider in your organization can be very beneficial. Many organizations look at bringing in an outside leader as a way to show that they are trying to break the mold or shake things up. What a lot of them don’t realize is that the wrong outside leader can easily create good changes or be very damaging to business. There are many best practices that have been identified by leaders as the best way to join an organization as an outsider and have success with new teams and organizations.

This list of curated resources will help you explore the many forms of outsider leadership. It will also help you discover the best ways to practice leadership as an outsider if you are faced with the very real possibility of entering into a leadership role as an outsider.