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How To Learn From a Bad Boss

The average employee will probably go through a minimum of 15 to 20 bosses before retirement .  It is highly probable that you will have exposure to a bad boss at some point in your career.  While unpleasant and certainly not preferred, working under a bad-leader does provide an opportunity to learn what not to do. Self-awareness separates a good boss from a bad boss . On your leadership journey, working on a bad-boss provides (although unpleasant) case studies and real world opportunities for you to observe how leadership styles play out over the short and long term.  A bad boss can help you bridge the academic recommendations into experience without yourself being in the ‘hot-seat.’  To be effective, leadership development should be a long-term process, not an event. Leadership classes tend to be viewed as 13-week courses, but to be effective, they need to continue indefinitely in some form. Leadership is a skill developed over a period of time