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Leadership Resources from the Carlson Executive MBA Program


Pages 96-100 https://www.marines.mil/Portals/1/Publications/MCDP1Warfighting.pdf This document is the genesis for the idea and title of this topic.  This foundational publication is at the core of the entire Marine Corps.  While it focuses on the pursuit of warfare, the principles of leadership within are universal.  The referenced pages specifically address this topic.  From earlier in the text: “…subordinate commanders must make decisions on their own initiative, based on their understanding of their senior’s intent, rather than passing information up the chain of command and waiting for the decision to be passed down. Further, a competent subordinate commander who is at the point of decision will naturally better appreciate the true situation than a senior commander some distance removed. Individual initiative and responsibility are of paramount importance. The principal means by which we implement decentralized command and control is through the use of mission tactics…”