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How to Teach and Start a Conversation About #metoo

Chalked full of additional resources, this New York Times article lays out a lesson plan for teachers on how to dissect and discuss the topic of #metoo.  While it’s geared towards high school students, many of the lessons hold in the workplace. Beginning with the “warm up” – everyone has a different idea on what #metoo stands for; using an anonymous collection method, people can share their thoughts, kicking off a discussion for the larger group.   Supported by several additional articles, the leader of the discussion can use examples of current trends and stories that highlight why this topic is important and how it is affecting society and workplace today.  By acknowledging the problem, colleagues may seek to avoid or confront improper workplace behaviors. Of course, there are always two sides to a discussions and it’s important to visit the topic from alternative views – has #metoo gone too far? Supported by additional articles, let folks express their feelings and understand that everyone’s “line” is different.   Finally – given the discussion, what can each individual do – regardless of their position on the topic – how we call support each other and make the workplace (or school) a better, safer and more supportive place?