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Leadership Resources from the Carlson Executive MBA Program

The Power Presenter by Jerry Weissman (getAbstract)

Jerry Wesimann describes great presenters relying on nonverbal communication, body language, and other physical cues. Establishing mutual empathy with the audience through conversation and story mode with aid in the reception of your message.

Public speaking breakdown:

  • Words account for only 7% of the impact
  • “Vocal Component” accounts for 38%
  • “Visual Component” accounts for 55%

Weimann provided 7 essential steps of preparation:

  1. Establish the framework – weigh your objective, what is your call to action against the makeup of your audience. 
  2. Brainstorm: consider all possibilities
  3. Find a mnemonic device for your main theme (memorization aids)
  4. Provide a road map (story arc)
  5. Use visual aids – do not let them dominate your speech. Speak with your body.
  6. Ownership: don’t pass the buck – play an active role in preparing the presentation.
  7. Practice the right way