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Using Re-framing as a Powerful and Effective Motivational and Inspirational Tool

Re-framing is a technique used to change the way you think about or view a situation, and it can have a powerful effect on the meaning of that situation and/or the impact the situation has on you.  According to multiple studies, re-framing is so powerful in fact, that it can change your physical reaction to stimuli such as stress and even change the long-term impacts of those stimuli on your health.  In this Ted Talk, Psychologist Kelly McGonigal provides an overview of such studies, and it is a strong example of how powerful and effective re-framing can be.  In our case, we presented re-framing as a method by which you can help your team see and understand a given task differently in order to better access the “why” which leads to stronger motivation.  Thus, re-framing is an effective way to individualize your inspiration efforts.